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New Release!

Alphabet Chalkboard - lowercase update

This fun app is designed with preschoolers in mind.  

App now includes upper and lower case letters!

The two modes of the app say it all.  In the "Teach Me" mode, your child can touch an alphabet letter at the bottom to see a letter drawn the correct way.  And on those same lines, he can practice by drawing with his finger along side.   

"Play" mode brings allows your child to learn the best way of all, through play.  Touching a letter block and then touching the screen creates letter stamps.  He can use these stamps to build words or create drawings with the letter images. 

To use the letter stamp, touch the alphabet block at the bottom of the screen. While it is highlighted, anywhere you touch will produce a letter stamp in the same orientation as if the letter were drawn. For example when you draw an "A", you start at the bottom left of the letter. So, the point you touch is the bottom left of the "A." A letter "P" starts at the top left of the letter, so the point you touch will be the top left of the "P". To turn off the letter stamp, touch the alphabet block and the highlight will disappear. You will now be able to draw with your finger again. 

A mistake is easily fixed by a touch to the eraser. And when it's time to start over, just a single touch of the "new" icon clears the screen for a new drawing.  

Special work can be saved in the gallery by clicking the "Save to Gallery" button.  And the gallery can be visited any time by clicking the gallery button.  

For those extra special masterpieces, your child can simply touch the camera icon and the image will be stored to your iPad photo gallery for sharing, printing, or saving.


                                                    Coming Soon

Improv Suggestionator 2000

This app has been designed to provide not only random suggestions, but something just as hard to come up with on the fly: random askfors. 
Duel spinners give you ultimate flexibility during practice.  And table access gives you the ability to add or remove categories, askFors, as well as suggestions.  You've been given a little head start with information.  But, you are free to add as much as you like.



Products in the Pipeline

ABC's in the Attic - Learning Fun

This set contains a charming alphabet book for preschoolers taking your child back in time as they visit Aunt Annabelle's attic and experience all the treasures inside.  With the familiarity of turning pages like a book, your child will see and hear the alphabet and increase their vocabulary by experiencing not-your-every-day words.  Each letter has at least 3 words associated with it for a total of 80 words, with sounds and images.  The images are randomly selected for each run. So every reading is unique.  It also has games, such as Alphabet Concentration, Alphabet Sounds, and a virtual chalkboard which has two modes.  The "Teach Me" mode demonstrates letter creation when a particular alphabet block at the bottom of the screen is touched.  The "Play" mode, allows free drawing as well as Alphabet stamps when an alphabet block is tapped. Successful completion of the Alphabet Sounds game allows for printing a certificate of accomplishment.






Counting Concentration
New for the iPad: This is the old game of Concentration that we all know and love with the added bonus of reinforcing number concepts.  Each match is a pair of numeric symbol with the number of objects.  Turn the cards by tapping.  Matching pairs are cleared from the screen.  The score is based on the time taken to find all of the matches.  It's a simple concept. But a fun way to reinforce number concepts in the young child.  




This helpful app keeps track of your spending with visual reminders of how you are doing.  Set your budget weekly, or auto set it, to refresh your budget as time passes.   At each sale, record your transaction in the easy to use Balance Tab. Simply press the + button at the top right  and enter the details.  The available balance and picture will help you keep your spending on track.  The Transaction Tab gives you a choice of viewing your Vendors, Transactions, Budget History, and Current Balance. 




Alphabet Chalkboard - Why is there no share button to directly share my child's art work?
No share button was provided so that your child could not access your printer, email or social media.  The art is saved to your photos.  You can decide if and how it should be shared.

Alphabet Chalkboard - How does my child draw a letter?
Your child simply touches his finger to the screen and follows the directions of the animated letters.  It is possible to draw in either mode, all over the screen surface.
In Teach Me mode, touching an alphabet letter at the bottom of the screen will start an animation of the letter being drawn.  Your child can watch these animations to learn how to correctly draw any capital letter.

Alphabet Chalkboard - Will there be lower case letter available soon?
Yes.  We plan to come out with a free update which includes lower case letters before too long.

Alphabet Chalkboard - How can I share the drawing with friends?
Touch the camera icon.  That will save the image to the iPad Photo Gallery.  From there, select the image.  Touch the share icon in the bottom left corner to get email and social media share and print options.  This "extra step" is to prevent your pre-schooler from choices that might not be best, like printing without your permission.

In ABC's in the Attic, how to you access the sounds?
Simply touch a picture or the letters.  For each alphabet page the sounds are available for: the alphabet block, the colored word, the image for the word, and the letters at the bottom left of the page.
Each review page has sounds for each letter block and the image displayed.  

On a review page, how do you get an image other than the alphabet blocks as shown above?
Simply touch an alphabet block.  The corresponding image with display.  Touch the image and the image sound will play.

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